Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank you!

Hi delegates,
This is your chair Joyce. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for an amazing conference this weekend! The level and pace of debate far exceeded my expectations. For a few of us, it was our first experience as a staff member on a crisis committee, thank you for making our jobs easier and for responding so well to everything that happened in our "world". All of you were extremely enthusiastic and hardworking to the point that often, the dais could not keep up with your directives, press releases, and unilateral action requests.

To those of you who will not be around the Lower Mainland next year, I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and especially in college.
To the rest of you, I hope I will see you again at future conferences throughout your Model UN career.

To my fellow dais members, it has truly been a privilege staffing with you at CAHSMUN this year and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again in the near future.

Joyce Lee

PS. I am sorry (mostly to the AG and Deputy NSA) for banning the word "cookies" in committee. It was a sad but necessary action.
PPS. I will most likely be involved with SFUMUN 2012. We are always looking for enthusiastic staff members and delegates! (

IAEA Report - Iranian Nuclear Program

International Atomic Energy Agency
RE: USNSC on matters related Iranian nuclear research

Mr. President,
The IAEA investigation team has reached a conclusion on its investigation based on evidence gathered, information provided by the Iranian government, and an official visit on the destroyed Qom site. It is view of this investigation team that the Iranian government may have possessed sufficient technology and capabilities to successfully research nuclear weapons in the Qom facility. However, with a complete destruction of the facility, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that the Qom facility housed a nuclear weapon research lab. Therefore, it is entirely based on speculation but with reasonable and probable grounds that the nuclear facility in Qom would have been crucial to the Iranian nuclear weapons programme.
Experts have speculated that if Iran does have nuclear capabilities, it would be extremely short-range and in light of the current situation, Israel would be the state under most immediate threat.


Center of Disease Control Develops Vaccine

The CDC has announced that a vaccine has been found for the mutation of ebola. However, the vaccine would be ineffective to cure those already infected. A very haggard Kathleen Sibelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, approached the podium to announce this to the press, who gave an uncharacteristic round of applause before resuming questions.
The Center has also stated that the vaccine is currently being mass produced and will be distributed shortly.

Nation-wide "shoot on sight" order

In a recent press release, the Attorney General warned the nation that the shoot on sight order previously issued was nation wide. However, the national guard will only shoot those who are diseased and only if they believe they are in immediate danger, meaning that they will shoot when they believe there is a high possibility they will be infected.

Experts warn of unrest throughout the country

(CNN) Experts warn that the situation must be contained before riots and protests escalate. Many civilians have spoken out against the "shoot on sight" order. One especially outspoken citizen has said, "This order directly contradicts our right to life. America is supposed to be the cornerstone of Western democracy. This order is a step back, not a step forward."

Joint Chiefs of Staffs takes action

Orders to commanders: prefers non lethal incapacitation (eg. tear gas) prior to protected (with respirators) soldiers recovering them. Priority is however given to National Guard safety.

National Intelligence makes a public statement

Press Release:

The Director of National Intelligence advises a grant of isolated shelter for all those infected with disease in designated shelters.

al-Jazeera - Air Strike on Iran

قالت السعودية إنها ستمنع كل الاحتجاجات والمسيرات وستتخذ كافة الإجراءات ضد منتهكي القانون، وذلك بعد سلسلة احتجاجات لسعوديين شيعة في المنطقة الشرقية بالمملكة في الأسابيع الماضية للمطالبة أساسا بالإفراج عن سجناء يقولون إنهم محتجزون منذ فترة طويلة دون ي المملكة.


(al-Jazeera) - On March 6, 2011, the citizens of Qom experienced a day that they would not forget anytime soon. A squadron comprised of five fighter jets launched an air strike on the Iranian nuclear facility, suspected of harbouring nuclear weapons research lab.

Unfortunately, some of the bombs missed their target and hit a nearby town, critically injuring fifteen Iranians and killing five.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran strongly condemned the attack.

“The Jewish were behind this attack. We all knew that they would try to upset world peace. It would be foolish for the international community to condone such aggression. I urge all states, including the USA, to deplore the actions of the Israeli government and impose sanctions until a thorough investigation is complete.”

Benjamin Natanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, however, denied possessing any knowledge of the attack on the Iranian territory.

“The Iranian government had it coming all along. It is the action of God, not the Israeli. We have no knowledge of such event nor any involvement in it. While we are saddened by the civilian casualties, the Iranian government should be more responsible and transparent in its nuclear research.”

The spokesperson for the Iranian Nuclear Agency, however, denied the existence of nuclear arms or any plan to research for that matter.

UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon called for a thorough investigation and urged restraints on all sides.


More than 500 dead and over 1000 infected

It has been over a week since divisional commanders were given the authorization to shoot on sight, more than 500 civilians infected with the disease have been killed and there are still more than 1000 documented cases throughout the eastern coast of the United States.
Although the Emergency Broadcast System has been in continuous use since the "shoot on sight" authorization was first given, many citizens were unaware that the order reached beyond New York.

Public outcry over "shoot on sight" order

There has been public outrage over the "shoot on sight" order and the subsequent deaths of civilians. Citizens have spoken out against the order and its breach of their basic human right to life, as outlined in the American Constitution.

Almost 100 civilians die by the hands of local forces

In response to recent authorization to "shoot on sight", the latest count has been almost 100 civilians dying at the hands of the local forces.

US NSC Internal Memo #678308-4

Divisional commanders are requesting the ability to have their troops shoot on sight when in contact with those showing symptoms of the disease out of extreme concern for their own health. While the infected may not be carrying a weapon, officers argue that the disease they are carrying constitutes a deadly weapon, and any attempted physical contact with a soldier warrants the use of deadly force. The standard issue gas masks issued to troops have been deemed ineffective against the virus, and the Army does not have respirators with a higher grade of protection in great quantities.

Marshal Law Declared in NY

Under the recommendation of the National Security Council, the Governor of New York has declared marshall law on the entire state of New York in an attempt to control the outbreak of the disease.

Press release from the White House

PRESS RELEASE - The White House would like to reassure the public that the CDC is currently looking into a possible cure or vaccination for the disease. The President urges the public to remain calm and and abstain from contact with anyone showing any symptoms of the disease.

CDC announces a vaccine is now in the works

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said in a press conference that the virus is a mutation of ebola and a vaccine is currently being developed. Experts wonder whether or not that vaccine will be effective on those currently infected.

Press release from the White House

PRESS RELEASE -- In light of the current situation and fast-spreading nature of the disease, the government strongly urges the public to make extensive use of masks in all public places. There has also been a ban on travel for anyone displaying any known symptoms of the disease.

Terrorist group claims responsibility for recent disease outbreaks

Washington (CNN) -- An obscure terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the pandemic currently affecting major US cities. In a 4 minute tape sent by parcel to al-Jazeera, men in black masks holding rifles spoke briefly about their involvement in the attacks, claiming to have operatives in the US that carried out the initial attack. A CIA spokesman has refused to comment on the videos, saying that an investigation was ongoing. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also remained tight-lipped, only saying that every measure was being taken to ensure the safety of the American people.

Protests over failed attempts to contain disease

New York (CNN) -- Protests have erupted in New York over the perceived failing of Governor Cuomo and the federal government to contain the disease currently spreading through New York and surrounding states. Experts throughout the nation have stated that considering the rate at which the disease is spreading, it is extremely puzzling that the disease has been relatively contained geographically. While public transportation in New York City has been shut down “out of an abundance of caution”, it has been suggested these measures are not enough to contain the riots in Times Square. Public health officials warn against such gatherings as they have the potential to spread the virus even faster.

Governor struggles to contain infections

New York (CNN) -- Struggling to contain the lawlessness as a result of the outbreak of an unknown disease that has infected over 450 New Yorkers within a week, governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in the state of New York to attempt to stem the protests and regain order in his state. Ongoing protests due to the lack of action by the state and federal governments and some are keen to take matters into their own hands.

Center of Disease Control Report

In a recent report from the CDC, it has been made clear that this disease spreads extremely quickly. Although the specific origins of the disease are still unknown, the Center suspects that the disease was not caused by any environmental factors on the United Airways flight.

Safety precautions taken for federal employees

As a precautionary measure, the government has recently ordered all federal employees working in the vicinity of the disease to wear masks. The government also strongly urges the public to do the same.

Press release from the White House

PRESS RELEASE -- The President has issued a statement confirming that the United States government is working with the World Health Organization and the Center of Disease Control to find the origin of the disease. The White House also reassured the public that the government is doing everything it can to contain the situation.

UA Aircraft Obtained

PRESS RELEASE -  In a recent statement, the Secretary of Homeland Security has stated that they have obtained the United Airways aircraft in which the unknown disease was first discovered. The Center of Disease Control is currently launching an investigation on the aircraft to determine whether the disease was caused by environmental factors.

WHO involved with possible pandemic

(CNN) - In a recent press release, the Ambassador to the UN from the United States has stated that they have been in contact with the World Health Organization in regards to the current situation. They are looking towards international cooperation and await more information from the WHO.

Unknown disease has infected nearly one hundred

New York (CNN) -- Three days after news broke that a woman had died aboard a United Airlines flight under mysterious circumstances, nearly a hundred have been infected with a yet-unknown disease, including flight attendants and other passengers aboard the airplane who did not show symptoms immediately after leaving the flight. A quarantine order was not issued at the time.

Suspicious death aboard flight, possible public health hazard

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Food poisoning is the reported cause of one woman’s suspicious death aboard a United Airlines flight from JFK to LAX, but sources indicate that it may not be an isolated incident. Two days ago, 56 year-old Louise Madison, of Los Angeles, was returning home from a family visit when she was suddenly stricken with flu-like symptoms and began to vomit uncontrollably. Flight attendants attempted to perform first aid but by the time the plane made an emergency landing at LAX she was already unconscious. Other passengers on the plane reported that she appeared to have trouble breathing. Several days later, at least 10 other passengers in the same cabin reported similar symptoms and are currently under observation at their local hospitals. The WHO has not commented on the situation, nor has the White House.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

USNSC Internal Memorandum 4534

Internal Memorandum 4534

It has recently come to our attention that the governments of several Arab states have begun to demonstrate strong support for the Iranian nuclear program. Indeed, it is a possibility that Iran will begin to pursue more ambitiously the development of nuclear weapons.

While any speculation is premature at best, the USNSC should be concerned that the development of military-grade nuclear program by Iran should bring regional instability and disturbance to the world peace.

Press Release from the White House

PRESS RELEASE - The President of the United States has released a statement informing the public that the National Security Council has passed several resolutions in regards to the border and immigration issue. The recently passed resolution requests Congress to enact a comprehensive change to national illegal immigration policy. The Office of the President expects a bright future for Mexican-American relations, especially regarding this issue.

CIA Report - Middle East Political Change

RE: USNSC on matters of foreign threat by request of Mr. President
Our foreign policy analysis department has carefully tracked the political changes in the regimes of Middle East during the past several weeks. It has become evident to our attention that theocratic governments favourable to extreme sects of Islam have been set up in the following countries: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Bahrain. Most of the leaders of the old regime have been stripped of their powers and few of them wield much influence in current politics. The Muslim Brotherhood of Egpyt, Al Wefaq of Bahrain, the Libyan Islamic Group of Libya, and the Ennahdha Islamist party are now in control of the government and enjoy the popular support.
As you may already know, esteemed council members, the fifth US fleet has already been evacuated from Bahrain where it has increasingly become the subject of attack in state media and the public. The State Department has recently delivered a press release confirming this decision.
It is the view of the senior policy analysts of the Central Intelligence Agency that regimes hostile to our nation exert tremendous influence in the Middle East. Moreover, our strategic alliance with Israel is a cause provocative enough for the regimes to incite the public opinion against the US policies.
While the Islamic governments of the regions described above have adopted policies hostile to the USA, they do enjoy popular support of the people. The USNSC should consider the national security and interests of our nation before forming a stance regarding this issue.
Central Intelligence Agency

Libya and Bahrain Toppled

The now former leaders of Libya and Bahrain responded to the call of their people.

(CNN) - Following recent political revolution in Egypt, it seems the citizens of Libya and Bahrain are pursuing democracy and natural rights. Following the surging waves of protests, in which millions of citizens participated, the seemingly autocratic leaders of the two countries surrendered their power.
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has subsequently fled to Nigeria as a fugitive pursued by the International Criminal Court on charges related to Crimes Against Humanity.
King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifah also abdicated under the mounting public pressure. While his leadership recently initiated political reforms, such as the release of political prisoners and review of the constitution, the people of Bahrain seem to have rejected his change.
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton briefly stated the following on the press release.
“The US government is carefully and closely monitoring the political changes sweeping the Middle East region. The State Department would like to reaffirm that we support democracy, the rule of law, and decisions made by the majority.”
The White House could not be reached for comment prior to the press deadline.

US NSC Internal Memo #68304-12

Negotiations were successful. Pedro Hernandez has voluntarily given himself up for arrest, and is cooperating with police. He has provided information that could be vital to the Mexican intelligence services. Specifically, Pedro has revealed that his father is aware of his impending arrest and has gone into hiding in Mexico. He has revealed his father's location to the FBI and Mexican authorities have acted upon that intelligence though information sharing agreements previously agreed to between the US and Mexico. Mexican authorities attempted to arrest Santiago Hernandez, however, he retaliated by force and was killed in the ensuing gunfight. The freed hostages are currently being treated for dehydration. The Border Patrol agent is currently being airlifted to hospital for further medical treatment, and while he has suffered bullet wounds in his shoulder and arm, he is expected to survive.

Oil jumps as Libya clashes intensify; Mideast worry

(Reuters) - Brent oil prices pushed above $116 a barrel and U.S. oil jumped more than $3 to its highest since September 2008 on Friday, as fighting in Libya worsened and protests in the Middle East intensified.

Investors piled into the oil market fearing extended supply disruptions in Libya as rebels fought security forces in Ras Lanuf, a major oil terminal. And growing unrest in Bahrain and Yemen ratcheted up anxiety over Saudi Arabia, where Saudi Shi'ites staged protests on Thursday.

Prices closed out a second big weekly gain with news that hedge funds and big speculators had increased their bullish bets on U.S. oil prices by over 30 percent in the week to March 1, taking their net long position to a record high as they braced for further turbulence in the region.

"Tension in the Middle East is like a runaway train," said Michael Hewson, an analyst at CMC Markets in London. "Once it starts, it's very difficult to stop. And if there is a danger that it impacts the supply chain, people will understandably get nervous."

This articles was taken from Reuters.

Gaddafi forces step up attack on western rebel town

(Reuters) - Libyan government forces launched fierce attacks on the western rebel stronghold of Zawiyah on Saturday, while in the east, rebels advanced on Muammar Gaddafi's home town of Sirte.
Fighters in Zawiyah, just 50 km (30 miles) west of Tripoli, repelled two attacks by pro-Gaddafi forces who used tanks and artillery. Dozens of rebels armed with rifles manned rooftops, watching nearby streets from behind piles of sandbags. Roads and side streets were barricaded with rebel checkpoints.
A doctor in Zawiyah said at least 30 people, mostly civilians, had been killed during fighting in the day, bringing to at least 60 the death toll from two days of battles.
Abu Akeel, a Zawiyah resident, told Reuters that government forces had shelled houses and fired on a mosque where people were taking shelter. Another resident said he saw more than 20 tanks advance across the main square during the second assault.
People opposed to Gaddafi's 41-year rule have been fighting his forces in Zawiyah for more than a week, after rebels took over large parts of eastern Libya in an uprising inspired by the overthrow of veteran rulers in Egypt and Tunisia this year.

This article was taken from Reuters.

Mexican Response to USNSC Resolution

The Mexican government agrees that more information sharing between our intelligence agencies is required, especially given the unfortunate situation in Pinal County, Arizona. We are doing all we can to try to apprehend Santiago Hernandez lest his “war” on the US escalate. This would not be beneficial to either country.

US NSC Internal Memo #68304-695

Negotiators in our switchboard office believe there are now 3 armed assailants and 7 hostages after careful study of the background noises in the audio. The assailants have been revealed to have a mobile internet connection and have been deeply angered by the media coverage of the situation. They claim to have the cave wired with explosives and will detonate them if their demands are not met. Also, it has been communicated to the President that he has reason to suspect that “Pedro” could be connected to Santiago Hernandez. He has an older son from a previous marriage named Pedro, meaning that he is the half-brother of Adriana. Current intelligence on Pedro Hernandez is lacking, but a few details can be gleaned from his father's file. A high-school dropout, he has been assigned low-level duties within the Hernandez criminal organization, while his brother Carlos has been groomed to be Santiago's successor. It is quite possible that the elder Hernandez sent Pedro on a suicide mission in retaliation for his infant daughter's absence. Negotiators are currently pressing for Pedro's surrender, trying to suggest that he is being used by his father. However, he has not complied, has restated his demands, and has also claimed to have sufficient resources to survive in a siege situation for a long period of time. Border Patrol agents are concerned with the well-being of the injured Border Patrol agent and are incapable of solving the situation on their own. They are requesting federal assistance.

Hostages found in Arizona, negotiations in progress

Pinal County (CNN) - The assailants have been found hiding in a cave deep within the Sawtooth Mountains. Natural fortifications and the van they stole are currently acting as defensive structures. Negotiators in Washington have maintained the phone connection with the hostage taker and are doing all they can to secure the release of the hostages.

US NSC Internal Memo Leaked via Wikileaks

Pinal County (CNN) – A recently leaked memo by WikiLeaks claiming that the terrorists barricaded into the cave in Arizona have demanded a ransom and asylum in the US. Members of Congress as well as members of the public are in a state of shock, and thousands of e-mails and phone calls have flooded the offices of the Members of Congress demanding that the American government not give into the demands of the terrorists. The leaked memo is attached below.

In a call from a cell phone in Arizona placed to our switchboard, the caller, who calls himself Pedro, says he is heavily armed and has several hostages. He is demanding a ransom of $5 million dollars in low denomination bills and $5 million wired to an offshore account, as well as asylum for himself, his accomplices, and the hostages, who are Mexican migrant workers. Reports from local police indicate that around 5 assailants are heavily armed with AK-47's (or a Chinese derivative), a police-issue tactical shotgun, body armor with ceramic inserts over vital organs, and grenades of an unknown variety. According to a phone call from the a dispatcher in Pinal County, Arizona, the assailants killed a Border Patrol agent who attempted to detain him. The agent's partner was injured in the ensuing shootout and was taken hostage alongside the workers the men were transporting across the US-Mexico border. They abandoned the vehicle that they were traveling in, and might have carjacked another vehicle to try and throw pursuers off the trail. The chief is requesting the use of a Predator drone or helicopter to aid in the search. There has been no word from the Governor thus far. A connection to Santiago Hernandez has not been definitively established at this time.

Public Outcry Over Leaked USNSC Memo

Pinal Country (CNN) - The general public reaction to the current hostage situation unfolding in Arizona has been general outrage. The family of the taken border patrol agent is calling for his return and members of the community are gathering to express their support. The family has released a statement to the press expressing their anger over the situation and have questioned the ability of the Department of the Homeland Security in securing the border.

Press Release from the White House

PRESS RELEASE -- In a recent press release, the President of the United States reassured American citizens that while the injuries sustained by guards are regrettable, the Department of Homeland Security has the current situation under control. Mexico is currently working with us to apprehend with Santiago and his drug cartel.

Hostage Crisis in progress in Arizona

Pinal County (CNN) – A hostage crisis is currently underway in Pinal County as a human trafficker has taken several hostages and is now believed to be hiding somewhere in the Sawtooth Mountains. According to sources close to the situation, at least 12 Mexican and American citizens have been taken by 7 heavily-armed assailants who demand asylum and a large ransom. Helicopters searching for the group found them barricaded within a deep cave. There will be continual updates as the situation progresses.

Press Release from Homeland Security

PRESS RELEASE -- The Secretary of Homeland Security has stated that an additional 2500 National Guard Troops has been deployed to the Juarez Border to contain the situation at the border.

Press Release from the Director of National Intelligence

PRESS RELEASE -- The Director of National Intelligence has recently released a statement stating that National Intelligence units are looking into the situation in order to investigate this act of terror.

Attorney General requests more guards to secure the border

The Attorney General has requested an additional 200 border guards to El Paso to secure the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez in an interview with FOX News. While the Secretary of Homeland Security has reminded the Attorney General that while that responsibility is with the DHS, he has agreed to look into it.


At 17:00 today, a border patrol office near the border town of El Paso came under fire by unidentified gunmen. Suspected as gang members under the control of Hernandez, they arrived in three vans and in a brief skirmish, attacked with small-caliber weapons and improvised explosive devices. As the border guards returned fire and called in reinforcements, the masked gun men left the scene abruptly. The entire engagement lasted less than 15 minutes. Tragically, two had been pronounced dead at the scene

More than 3 border guards, including a senior officer, were seriously injured. In addition, the gun men mutilated the bodies of the two dead and put them up for display. Two lines of Spanish were written in their torso as a message left for the border patrols. In translation, they read “Traitors, you are next. You have no home.”

The mayor of El Paso has promised full and complete investigation into this matter. However, our past experience suggests that the leadership of El Paso possesses limited resources at their disposal to cope with a provocation of such scale.

An urgent question lies ahead: will the American government engage in negotiations and discussions with the hostile groups or will the government respond with direct military actions?

In a rare move, John Boehner sides with the Obama Administration

Washington (CNN) – In response to the growing concern for illegal immigration, the National Security Council has taken the rare step of recommending an action to respond to the situation. In a news release, the Council has recommended harsher punishments for illegal immigration. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi gave a lukewarm endorsement of the directive, suggesting that while it is necessary, she is in favor of a more measured response. The Congressional Black Caucus agreed with the minority leader, however, Speaker Boehner has expressed interest, believing that this “increase of concern by an Administration that has not taken the issue seriously thus far” represents a step in the right direction. CNN contributor James Carville believes this to be a betrayal of the ideals that the President ran on, he concedes that this would bridge the divide between the two parties.

Mother relents in custody battle over Adriana Hernandez

Cuidad Juarez (CNN)-- In an interview with the mother of Adriana Hernandez conducted by Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room, she said that she no longer wanted her child in Mexico seeing as her father had gone missing and she herself was unable to take care of her due to her dire financial situation. She has conceded that her family in Texas are better equipped to take care of a child, and thus will be dropping her petition for Adriana to return to Mexico. She has now filed paperwork to become a temporary worker.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Three-year old at the center of illegal immigration debate

El Paso (CNN) -- It has been 3 months since 97 immigrants emerged from a tunnel between El Paso and Juarez to seek asylum in the United States. Today, immigration officials announced that while 35 of the immigrants had been granted asylum, the rest had their applications denied. Of particular interest is the case of Adriana Hernandez, a three-year old girl who is the daughter of a notorious drug smuggler in Juarez. Her nanny, Cecilia, snuck her away in the dead of night in hopes that she would not be exposed to her father’s criminal behaviour. Her father, Santiago, has declared war with the Border Patrol until his daughter was returned to his custody. Adriana’s mother, divorced from her father, also wants her daughter back in Mexico. However, while Adriana’s application for asylum (filed on her behalf by her aunt) was granted, her nanny’s application was not as she was not a legal caregiver or family member. Members of Congress are sharply divided on the issue, with some believing that all 97 immigrants should be deported and others wanting asylum for them all.

Mass illegal migration discovered in El Paso

El Paso (CNN) -- While complex tunnels are frequently found by the Border Patrol to smuggle drugs, none have used to smuggle humans, until now. Featuring an air-purification system, rudimentary electric lights, and an elevator, this tunnel has been the source of a great deal of human smuggling from Mexico to the United States. The tunnel was discovered last night after agents noticed suspicious activities around a warehouse in El Paso. Upon further investigation, they found nearly a hundred illegal immigrants, all seeking asylum in the United States. All of the immigrants claim to be from Ciudad Juarez, one of the most violent cities in the world currently in the center of a bloody drug war. Some of the passengers, gravely ill, are in need of immediate medical attention. Texas Governor Rick Perry has stated his disgust for the tunnel and those who passed through it, demanding that the immigrants be removed. However, a majority of the immigrants are being pursued by drug cartels in Juarez, the rest are family members of those individuals. As a bounty has been placed on their heads, many decided to bring themselves and their families to the United States to seek a more secure place. Should they return to Mexico, they claim that they would be in grave danger. The immigrants have now dispersed to live with their various families while their asylum papers are being processed.


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