Saturday, March 5, 2011

CIA Report - Middle East Political Change

RE: USNSC on matters of foreign threat by request of Mr. President
Our foreign policy analysis department has carefully tracked the political changes in the regimes of Middle East during the past several weeks. It has become evident to our attention that theocratic governments favourable to extreme sects of Islam have been set up in the following countries: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Bahrain. Most of the leaders of the old regime have been stripped of their powers and few of them wield much influence in current politics. The Muslim Brotherhood of Egpyt, Al Wefaq of Bahrain, the Libyan Islamic Group of Libya, and the Ennahdha Islamist party are now in control of the government and enjoy the popular support.
As you may already know, esteemed council members, the fifth US fleet has already been evacuated from Bahrain where it has increasingly become the subject of attack in state media and the public. The State Department has recently delivered a press release confirming this decision.
It is the view of the senior policy analysts of the Central Intelligence Agency that regimes hostile to our nation exert tremendous influence in the Middle East. Moreover, our strategic alliance with Israel is a cause provocative enough for the regimes to incite the public opinion against the US policies.
While the Islamic governments of the regions described above have adopted policies hostile to the USA, they do enjoy popular support of the people. The USNSC should consider the national security and interests of our nation before forming a stance regarding this issue.
Central Intelligence Agency

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