Sunday, March 6, 2011

al-Jazeera - Air Strike on Iran

قالت السعودية إنها ستمنع كل الاحتجاجات والمسيرات وستتخذ كافة الإجراءات ضد منتهكي القانون، وذلك بعد سلسلة احتجاجات لسعوديين شيعة في المنطقة الشرقية بالمملكة في الأسابيع الماضية للمطالبة أساسا بالإفراج عن سجناء يقولون إنهم محتجزون منذ فترة طويلة دون ي المملكة.


(al-Jazeera) - On March 6, 2011, the citizens of Qom experienced a day that they would not forget anytime soon. A squadron comprised of five fighter jets launched an air strike on the Iranian nuclear facility, suspected of harbouring nuclear weapons research lab.

Unfortunately, some of the bombs missed their target and hit a nearby town, critically injuring fifteen Iranians and killing five.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran strongly condemned the attack.

“The Jewish were behind this attack. We all knew that they would try to upset world peace. It would be foolish for the international community to condone such aggression. I urge all states, including the USA, to deplore the actions of the Israeli government and impose sanctions until a thorough investigation is complete.”

Benjamin Natanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, however, denied possessing any knowledge of the attack on the Iranian territory.

“The Iranian government had it coming all along. It is the action of God, not the Israeli. We have no knowledge of such event nor any involvement in it. While we are saddened by the civilian casualties, the Iranian government should be more responsible and transparent in its nuclear research.”

The spokesperson for the Iranian Nuclear Agency, however, denied the existence of nuclear arms or any plan to research for that matter.

UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon called for a thorough investigation and urged restraints on all sides.


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