Saturday, March 5, 2011


At 17:00 today, a border patrol office near the border town of El Paso came under fire by unidentified gunmen. Suspected as gang members under the control of Hernandez, they arrived in three vans and in a brief skirmish, attacked with small-caliber weapons and improvised explosive devices. As the border guards returned fire and called in reinforcements, the masked gun men left the scene abruptly. The entire engagement lasted less than 15 minutes. Tragically, two had been pronounced dead at the scene

More than 3 border guards, including a senior officer, were seriously injured. In addition, the gun men mutilated the bodies of the two dead and put them up for display. Two lines of Spanish were written in their torso as a message left for the border patrols. In translation, they read “Traitors, you are next. You have no home.”

The mayor of El Paso has promised full and complete investigation into this matter. However, our past experience suggests that the leadership of El Paso possesses limited resources at their disposal to cope with a provocation of such scale.

An urgent question lies ahead: will the American government engage in negotiations and discussions with the hostile groups or will the government respond with direct military actions?

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