Saturday, March 5, 2011

In a rare move, John Boehner sides with the Obama Administration

Washington (CNN) – In response to the growing concern for illegal immigration, the National Security Council has taken the rare step of recommending an action to respond to the situation. In a news release, the Council has recommended harsher punishments for illegal immigration. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi gave a lukewarm endorsement of the directive, suggesting that while it is necessary, she is in favor of a more measured response. The Congressional Black Caucus agreed with the minority leader, however, Speaker Boehner has expressed interest, believing that this “increase of concern by an Administration that has not taken the issue seriously thus far” represents a step in the right direction. CNN contributor James Carville believes this to be a betrayal of the ideals that the President ran on, he concedes that this would bridge the divide between the two parties.

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