Saturday, March 5, 2011

US NSC Internal Memo Leaked via Wikileaks

Pinal County (CNN) – A recently leaked memo by WikiLeaks claiming that the terrorists barricaded into the cave in Arizona have demanded a ransom and asylum in the US. Members of Congress as well as members of the public are in a state of shock, and thousands of e-mails and phone calls have flooded the offices of the Members of Congress demanding that the American government not give into the demands of the terrorists. The leaked memo is attached below.

In a call from a cell phone in Arizona placed to our switchboard, the caller, who calls himself Pedro, says he is heavily armed and has several hostages. He is demanding a ransom of $5 million dollars in low denomination bills and $5 million wired to an offshore account, as well as asylum for himself, his accomplices, and the hostages, who are Mexican migrant workers. Reports from local police indicate that around 5 assailants are heavily armed with AK-47's (or a Chinese derivative), a police-issue tactical shotgun, body armor with ceramic inserts over vital organs, and grenades of an unknown variety. According to a phone call from the a dispatcher in Pinal County, Arizona, the assailants killed a Border Patrol agent who attempted to detain him. The agent's partner was injured in the ensuing shootout and was taken hostage alongside the workers the men were transporting across the US-Mexico border. They abandoned the vehicle that they were traveling in, and might have carjacked another vehicle to try and throw pursuers off the trail. The chief is requesting the use of a Predator drone or helicopter to aid in the search. There has been no word from the Governor thus far. A connection to Santiago Hernandez has not been definitively established at this time.

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