Friday, March 4, 2011

Mass illegal migration discovered in El Paso

El Paso (CNN) -- While complex tunnels are frequently found by the Border Patrol to smuggle drugs, none have used to smuggle humans, until now. Featuring an air-purification system, rudimentary electric lights, and an elevator, this tunnel has been the source of a great deal of human smuggling from Mexico to the United States. The tunnel was discovered last night after agents noticed suspicious activities around a warehouse in El Paso. Upon further investigation, they found nearly a hundred illegal immigrants, all seeking asylum in the United States. All of the immigrants claim to be from Ciudad Juarez, one of the most violent cities in the world currently in the center of a bloody drug war. Some of the passengers, gravely ill, are in need of immediate medical attention. Texas Governor Rick Perry has stated his disgust for the tunnel and those who passed through it, demanding that the immigrants be removed. However, a majority of the immigrants are being pursued by drug cartels in Juarez, the rest are family members of those individuals. As a bounty has been placed on their heads, many decided to bring themselves and their families to the United States to seek a more secure place. Should they return to Mexico, they claim that they would be in grave danger. The immigrants have now dispersed to live with their various families while their asylum papers are being processed.

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